Sparkle and shine: The trendy world of tooth gems

Not what it's cracked out to be

Intan Nobury


Jun 15, 23

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Teeth gems are an alluring trend in the world of dental fashion and self-expression thanks to the hype of social media, influencers and celebrities. These little ornamental details provide a special approach to give your grin a dash of glitz, glamor and personality. Though it’s certainly fun, we will discuss how tooth gems can end up costing you more in the long run.

What are tooth gems?

Tooth gems are jewels that are placed to the front surface of your teeth with a powerful adhesive. They are intended to last approximately 6 months. 

The application

After your consultation with a professional dentist or hygienist, establish an idea of where you would like the gems placed. The gems are then glued to your teeth after proper cleaning and preparation by your dentist. Applying tooth gems are generally safe and comfortable.

Reversible and non-invasive

The application has minimal effect on oral health and tooth structure when properly cared for and cleaned.

The cons

More often than not, we have seen some frequent concerns associated with tooth gems. This includes tooth decay, cavities forming, bad breath, poor quality gems and some discolouration. This is often due to food particles, plaque and bacteria being lodged both around and underneath the tooth gem. The trapped food and residue can then lead to unpleasant breath. Many patients often bring in their own gems that they have purchased online or through a market which does not guarantee that they are certified or approved. Small particles from the gems can be ingested which means you’re ingesting contaminants. In the long term, you may be paying more for the consequences of teeth gems as opposed to the benefits reaped. Significant discolouration caused by poor oral hygiene can only be corrected with restorative and aesthetic dentistry.


Though you can express your individual individuality and sense of style through accessorizing your smile in a fashionable way, teeth gems can be short term fun for a long term consequence when not properly cared for or cleaned. Always put your oral health first to ensure a healthy and radiant smile. It's crucial to get professional advice before using any accessories.

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