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Intan Nobury


Apr 6, 23

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Choosing the right cosmetic dentist is like choosing a best friend. Are you comfortable telling them anything? Are they honest and transparent with you? Can you have fun and create magic together? Does scheduling a time together to catch up almost seem impossible (haha, kidding).

Not all dentists are created equal, and some may lack the education or practical experience needed to provide the outcomes you need when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. We'll discuss some factors to watch out for when selecting a reputable cosmetic dentist in this blog post.

Here are our tested tips for choosing your cosmetic dentist:

Looking into their credentials.

Verify the credentials of potential cosmetic dentists before making a decision. Verify their licensure and that they meet the requirements for doing cosmetic dentistry operations. Consider choosing a dentist who is a part of a reputable association, like the Australian Dental Association (ADA).

Have a look at their work

A professional cosmetic dentist will have examples of their prior work in a portfolio of before-and-after pictures on either their website or social media platforms. See if the style in these images matches your desired results by looking at them. Pay close attention to the small details and overall design of their work.

Browse testimonials and reviews.

You can get a good sense of what to anticipate from a dentist by reading reviews and recommendations from previous clients. Pay close attention to both positive and negative evaluations, and scan the feedback for any repeating trends.

Request a consultation

Book in a consultation to speak with a cosmetic dentist in-person before proceeding with them. This will provide you an opportunity to learn more about them, talk about your objectives, and get a sense of their personality and communication style. Pay attention to how well they respond to your questions and how clearly they describe the recommended course of action.

Assess the technology they use

The greatest cosmetic dentists employ the most recent tools and methods as cosmetic dentistry is continuously changing. Enquire about the technologies they employ, like 3D printing, laser dentistry, and digital smile design and imaging, and how you may utilise these tools.

Review the working environment

Your choice may also be affected by the workplace. Look for a well presented, clean and up-to-date office that features cutting-edge technology. How do the staff respond to one another? Are they happy?

Final Thoughts

Selecting an experienced cosmetic dentist is an important choice that can affect your smile in the long run both aesthetically and financially. Take your time, do your research and find someone who speaks your language, figuratively speaking. 

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