Can I get veneers if my teeth are crooked?

My teeth are misaligned, can I get veneers or do I have to have braces first?

Intan Lay


Jul 15, 20

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This is definitely a question that we hear often – my teeth are misaligned, can I get veneers or do I have to have braces?

This is such a great question and one that we would require a personal assessment by a cosmetic dentist to give an accurate answer for.

In saying this, Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic treatment option. It is a cosmetic choice, much like adding a spoiler to your car or getting SNS nails done. Generally speaking, you can get porcelain veneers if your teeth are slightly misaligned, chipped, gappy or even root canalled. The more straight your teeth are, the less “prep” would be needed (shaving down of your natural tooth).

If your teeth are severely misaligned, we would often recommend going down the braces or Invisalign route first for a better and more viable treatment outcome and then look at veneers after. Some patients get their teeth straightened and are so happy with their outcome that they choose not to proceed with veneers. Others, however, though have straight teeth, are still unhappy with their teeth shapes, colour or even size. At the end of the day, we make the recommendations and you, the patient, ultimately makes the decision.

Any type of porcelain veneer or crown you get will require some “preparation” to your tooth. It is important not to have unrealistic expectations of the treatment and thinking that you can just go back to your old smile whenever you want. Even if little to no shaving is required, the surface of your tooth will be slightly “roughened” in order to bond the porcelain veneer to your enamel. Composite resin, on the other hand, may have very little to no preparation and is possibly reversible if done well.

My recommendation? Research, research, research! Don’t make a decision based on an Instagram post or because you woke up last night dreaming about it. Find the right dentist, the results you want and do a few consultations at a few clinics. Trust me, as someone who has had Invisalign, composite veneers and porcelain veneers (done twice!), you’ll know when it feels right.

At your consultation appointment, the dentist would go through all your options so you can make an informed decision.

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