The rise of diamond veneers, crowns, and grills

All you need to know about these sparkling smiles

Intan Nobury


Sep 12, 23

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Smile makeover using diamond veneers and porcelain veneers

In the world of cosmetic dentistry, innovative trends often emerge that redefine and alter the individuality of our smiles. Among these trends, the use of diamonds in dental enhancements has gained significant attention and growth. From diamond-studded veneers and crowns to luxurious grills, this blog explores the dazzling world of diamond dental adornments and their growing popularity. Diamond encrusted teeth are no longer just made for celebrities, and rappers with new age materials are making them look better than ever!

The Glittering Trend: Diamond Veneers, Crowns, and Grills

1. Diamond Veneers

Diamond veneers combine the artistry of dental cosmetics with the elegance of fine jewelry. These custom-made veneers feature meticulously placed diamonds that enhance the natural sparkle of a smile with a very unique finish. The process itself is almost identical to the process of porcelain veneers which involves crafting the veneers to fit the patient's teeth perfectly and then setting diamonds onto the chosen surface, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind smile.

2. Diamond Crowns

Much like diamond veneers, diamond crowns take dental aesthetics to a new level of opulence. Whether used for restorative purposes or as a statement piece, diamond-encrusted crowns offer both strength and beauty. These crowns are often handcrafted to ensure the diamonds are securely set, creating a dazzling focal point within the mouth. Patients often choose between silver, gold or white gold to set their diamonds on. 

3. Luxurious Grills

Dental grills adorned with diamonds have become a symbol of luxury and self-expression. These custom-made accessories are designed to fit over natural, crowned or veneered teeth, allowing individuals to showcase their unique style with a touch of extravagance. Diamond grills, often made from precious metals and gemstones, are now a sought-after accessory among more and more patients and we love it!

The Popularity Surge

1. Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrities and musicians have played a significant role in popularizing diamond dental enhancements. From music videos to red carpet events, their eye-catching smiles have brought attention to this unique trend that more and more people are now adopting.

2. Social Media Influence

Social media platforms have provided a global stage for showcasing unique styles and trends for not only lavish engagement rings but also diamond grins. Influencers and individuals sharing their diamond-adorned smiles have contributed to the trend's rapid growth in popularity.

3. Personal Expression

Diamond dental enhancements allow individuals to express their personalities and creativity in a fun and distinctive way. As people seek ways to stand out and make a statement, diamond veneers, crowns, and grills offer a luxurious avenue for self-expression.

4. Advancements in Technology:

Advancements in dental technology and techniques have made it possible to create comfortable and secure diamond enhancements that align with natural teeth and do not compromise oral health. New age creations are looking less tacky and more desirable. 


The growth in popularity for diamond veneers, crowns, and grills marks a fascinating intersection between dental aesthetics and luxury. While some may view these enhancements as mere extravagance, they represent an evolving canvas for self-expression and an opportunity to elevate the artistry of cosmetic dentistry. As this trend continues to capture attention and ignite imaginations, it's clear that the allure of sparkling smiles is here to stay.

Remember, any dental enhancement should be approached with careful consideration and consultation with a qualified cosmetic dentist. Whether it's for a special occasion or a desire to express your unique style, it is important to do your research and understand the differences. Diamond grillz are removable - diamond veneers and crowns are much more complex and can only be removed by your cosmetic dentist. If you choose the latter route, be sure it is what you want as you will be wearing your smile everyday.

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