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In addition to Invisalign, Vogue Dental Studios also offer the option of braces for orthodontic treatment. The end goal can include re-aligning your smile, correcting your bite, expanding your arch and enhancing your facial features with reference to our holistic smile design philosophy.

Traditional Fixed Braces (Metal)

Traditional fixed metal braces are one of the most well known and common forms of braces other than Invisalign. The process involves a bracket being meticulously placed on each tooth surface. An arch wire is then placed over the brackets that will apply force onto the teeth and move them into place.

Fixed Braces (Ceramic)

Much like traditional fixed metal braces, ceramic braces does much of the same – only in a more discreet manner. The ceramic used is normally chosen in a tone most similar to your teeth color to blend in and is normally not detected from a few meters away. This, however, does require more attention to cleaning and maintenance. Though ceramic fixed braces are slightly more expensive, treatment does take a bit longer than fixed metal braces.

Lingual Braces (metal)

Lingual braces are essentially fixed metal braces that are placed on the back of the tooth instead of on the front. This option offers one of the most discreet alternatives to straightening as it is placed tongue-side. Due to its complexity, it is also one of the most expensive treatment options to straightening and not everyone will be suitable. Lingual braces may also require more time to achieve the desired movements as opposed to traditional fixed metal braces.


Fixed Braces (Metal): Approximate cost $4500-$8000

Fixed Braces (Ceramic): Approximate cost $5000-$8500

Lingual Braces: Approximate cost $12,000-$16,000

Exact costs can only be provided upon a thorough assessment and evaluation during your consultation appointment.

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We accept all private health funds. While orthodontic treatment is usually covered, it may be considered as "major dental." We highly recommend that you ask your fund directly. Orthodontic treatment is claimed under number 881. This is for the entire treatment course.