Vogue Dental Studios team at this year's Christmas party.

Here are the faces you'll see at Vogue.

Meet the Team

With the vision of success and growth in mind, Vogue Dental Studios collaborates with individuals who not only have the determination and experience, but also genuine passion and care for our clients.

The team at Vogue Dental Studios is a reflection of a carefully selected team of dental practitioners, staff and specialists intentionally selected for their high expertise and knowledge.

Meet Dr Dee

Principal Dentist

Dr Dee lives and breathes cosmetic dentistry. He enjoys and is known for pushing the boundaries of what is achievable and take on difficult dental cases. He loves a challenge and aims to offer individuals the opportunity to be the person that they truly are beneath. He has the tools, technology and skills to be the best of the best. In his spare time, he also considers himself to be a pro street photographer and he value the significance of fitness, fashion and luxury vehicles.

Dr Dee is the principle dentist and founder at Vogue Dental Studios.

While Dr Dee is currently focusing on cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, we have a dedicated team of experienced hygienists and dentists that look after all family and general dentistry.

Meet Dr Kumar

Senior Dentist

With over 15 years experience as a dentist, patients love his knowledge, warmth and gentleness. He enjoys working with braces and major dental jobs including root canals – a passion that has led him into his current and third degree, a post graduate diploma in Orthodontics. Dr. Kumar has three main things in life that make him happy - his family, the cricket and his passion for dentistry.

Dr Kumar is a senior dentist at Vogue Dental Studios.

Meet Jasmine


Jasmine is Vogue Dental Studios’ loving and bubbly hygienist. She is passionate about oral health as she goes above and beyond. Jasmine enjoys being out of her comfort zone, and volunteering as a hygienist overseas, as well as undertaking multiple volunteer programs. Her experience has made her very culturally sensitive and aware, as well as the skills to interact with all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Jasmine is a hygienist at Vogue Dental Studios.

Meet Intan

Chief Operations Officer

I am an appreciator of art, novels and high intensity sports. With a passion for work and a dangerous addiction to coffee, I often feel as though there aren’t enough hours in a day. After graduating University in 2015, I now know my direction and I aim to fulfil my personal goals and attributions within the next three years. Life is short, make it count.

Intan Lay oversees all operations at Vogue Dental Studios.

Meet Lia

Practice Manager

I live a very fast-paced life. With four boys at home, a big family and an eventful work schedule, I wouldn’t change what I have for the world. I like to keep busy and I’m always on the move so I can make most of the day.

Lia is a master at taking care of the team's needs.

Meet Michelle

Michelle hasn't written a bio yet. Don't forget to say hi to her at front desk. (And remind her to write something!)

Michelle can answer all your questions and more.