Timm Hanly from The Bachelorette after in-chair teeth whitening at Vogue Dental Studios.

In-Chair & Take Home Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Unleash a brighter & whiter smile with Philips Zoom! teeth whitening. Our caring team will make the experience safe and enjoyable. Watch an episode or two, take a nap, and wake up to a whiter smile. 🌞

What causes staining?

First, some science.

There are numerous factors that can contribute to the staining of our teeth. Some are caused by our habits and some, are beyond our control.

Intrinsic (or internal) factors include facets of our upbringing. For example, absorption of fluoride at a young age, or certain medications taken throughout childhood can affect intrinsic staining, as can trauma to your permanent teeth. Intrinsic loss is when the inner structure of the tooth has been stained.

Extrinsic (or external) factors are mostly related to our consumption habits. Food and beverages with immense colouring will contribute to the staining of your teeth. This includes well-known indulgences like coffee and red wine. It also includes seemingly innocuous foods such as acidic fruits. Aside from food and beverages, extrinsic factors can also include poor oral hygiene, smoking, and even chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Extrinsic loss is when the surface of the enamel has been stained. Enamel is a porous material, allowing staining agents to settle in.

How It Works

Teeth whitening works by applying a whitening gel, usually containing the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent. The bleach is able to penetrate into the enamel and break apart the staining agents through an oxidation reaction. In-chair teeth whitening uses a whitening gel coupled with intense light to accelerate the reaction.

Teeth whitening works on both intrinsic and extrinsic staining. However, patients with intrinsic staining may see that whitening does not last as long. Depending on the situation, teeth whitening may not be the best option for intrinsic staining. It is also important to note that the whitening gel only works on natural teeth. Teeth whitening will not lighten fillings or crowns, though they can be re-made to match your brighter, whiter teeth.

Premium results, affordable price.

In-chair Whitening - $850

  • Check-up

  • Sensitive toothpaste

  • In-chair whitening

Take Home Kit - $350

  • Individually customized trays & case

  • 3 months whitening supply pack

  • Sensitive toothpaste

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Whitening Before & After

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Let us do the work.

In-chair whitening is a straightforward and safe procedure when administered by a qualified healthcare professional.

We apply a protective barrier to your gums and use a specially formulated gel that will ensure that the bleaching agent touches your exposed enamel only for the maximum result and safe outcome. At Vogue Dental Studios, we use Phillips Zoom applied by our trained clinician. During the entire appointment, we always have a member of the team present to keep our clients company and to monitor the procedure.

In-chair Whitening Appointment

No matter the procedure, we always start with a consultation. We will discuss your suitability for whitening and what option best suit your needs and circumstances. If you are suitable for whitening and choose to proceed, we can begin the Philips Zoom! in-chair whitening session which lasts approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

Please note:

In-chair whitening appointments require a pre-paid non-refundable deposit of $150. Our in-chair whitening appointments range from 1.5-2.5 hours in total appointment duration. In order to hold such long appointment times, we will need to collect a deposit which will be applied to your treatment total. If you are deemed unsuitable for treatment, this deposit can be credited towards other treatment.

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Optional (But recommended)

Check Up

After 6 - 12 months, it is a good idea to have a general check-up and clean with a whitening assessment. We can discuss the results, and arrange additional bleaching sessions if needed.

Take Home Kit

DIY at home.

We also offer customised take home whitening kits. They are simple, easy to use and provide our clients the flexibility to whiten at their own convenience. Take home kits are perfect for those preparing for social events without having to make extra space in their schedule. Vogue Dental Studios utilise the amazing benefits of Philips Zoom Day or Philips Zoom Night kits.

Day kits There are two types of Day kits offered at Vogue Dental Studios.

  • 20 minutes during the day

  • 60 minutes during the day

We encourage our patients to pop in their bleach trays when they’re getting ready/having a shower and let the gel do its magic for the recommended duration and then rinse off with warm water. All instructions will be given at your appointment.

Night kits are suggested to be worn overnight. We encourage our patients to apply the bleach gel into their trays before they sleep, every night for a consecutive 7-10+ days (or until they are happy with the shade). A days’ break may be taken in between if too much sensitivity is present. Whitening trays should be thoroughly rinsed in the morning.

Appointments for Take Home Kit

As always, we start with a consultation to determine if you are suitable for teeth whitening. If you are suitable and decide to proceed, we will take moulds of your teeth to prepare for your customised trays. Each tray is made in-house and personalised specifically to you - no one else can wear them.

After 3 to 5 days, your trays will be ready for pick up. During pick up, we encourage you to try the trays to ensure perfect fit. You can start the treatment right away. Results may be seen within 7 to 10 consecutive days (with 1 to 2 days break).

After 6 to 12 months, it is recommended to have a general check-up and a whitening assessment.

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Teeth Whitening FAQs

The results do vary from patient to patient as everyone absorbs product differently. Professional whitening generally can last from 6 months to 2 years. On average, patients whiten in the chair 1-2 times per year, and/or use the take home kit every 3-4 months to maintain the shade.

You can eat and drink 60 minutes after your in-chair whitening. However, for the next 48 hours please take care to steer clear of staining food and beverages. This may include red wine, coffee, tea, dark sauces, and dark meats. Please also avoid smoking.

Some patients do experience some sensitivity during or after whitening treatments. We recommend sensitive toothpaste to help with this discomfort. Any sensitivity usually dissipates within 12-24 hours. If sensitivity persists beyond 72 hours, please contact a qualified health professional.

The process of teeth whitening is not painful but it can cause sensitivity. Patients may experience minor discomfort during the procedure and often report of sensitivity immediately after the treatment. We recommend brushing your teeth with sensitive toothpaste 1-2 weeks prior to your whitening appointment and after/as you whiten to ease the sensitivity. You will be given a relief gel after your appointment that will immediately ease any reactive sections. Sensitivity is expected to subside after approximately 12-24 hours of treatment. If sensitivity persists beyond 72 hours, please contact a qualified health professional.

When administered by a qualified dentist, teeth whitening will not damage your teeth. Global consumer protection organisations agree that the proper use of whitening products is safe after consultation and approval by a qualified dentist. Safety is our first concern. This is why patients must come in for a consultation before any treatment.

Read report by the American Dental Association

Teeth whitening is extremely safe, especially when completed at a qualified dentistry studio. There is abundant evidence showing that teeth whitening is a safe procedure. When bleaching in chair at Vogue Dental Studios, hydrogen peroxide would only come in contact with your enamel.

Hydrogen peroxide is deemed safe when administered and applied by an oral health professional. It becomes unsafe when the product is misused/overused or against the recommendation of your dentist.

Hydrogen peroxide/carbamide peroxide is very commonly used as bleaching agents. The colour of your natural tooth is de-pigmented and thus whitened by using the active ingredients in a variation of concentrations as recommended after an oral examination with the senior dentist. The product is applied directly to your teeth, either in the clinic during your in-chair whitening appointment or in your customised trays that you use to whiten at home.

Unfortunately, to maintain the results, whitening is not a treatment you do just once – extrinsic factors do play a part in why our teeth develop stains. Because of this, we recommend continuing and maintaining your whitening treatments either at home or at a qualified dental practice. The best way to prolong the life of your new brighter smile is by improving your overall dental hygiene through consistent brushing, flossing and rinsing. Upholding your six-monthly dental clean and check-ups is essential to conserving your pearly whites (and making sure they stay white!). We recommend in chair whitening 1-2 times per year to cosmetically enhance the shade of your teeth, just as you would maintain your hair, nails or lashes, teeth need maintenance too.

Less is definitely more! We will show you a step by step guide on how to use your personalized take home whitening kit effectively at your appointment. The tiniest amount should be distributed as using more doesn’t mean better results – it only means wasted bleach and potential burnt gums!

At Vogue Dental Studios, we do not recommended any whitening treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as not enough research has been put into the side effects of doing so.