Rachel smiling after gum laser surgery or gum lift at Vogue Dental Studios.

Give your smile a little lift.

Gum Laser Surgery

Gum laser surgery is an alternative way to enhance your smile without making a change to your teeth. For those with a gummy smile, laser surgery can lengthen the smile and even out the gum line. All with minimum discomfort.

What is gum laser surgery?

Gum Laser Surgery (also known as gum contouring or laser re-shaping) is generally a cosmetic procedure to recontour uneven gum lines or “gummy” smiles. Occasionally, patients can have an excess of gum growth over a tooth which makes the tooth appear smaller. Gum laser surgery is the removal of the excess gum to expose more the of tooth. It can also be used to even out the gum line.

At Vogue Dental Studios, we ensure all appropriate measurements are taken for premium results. By using the latest laser technology, there is little to no bleeding, faster healing, reduced risk of infection and minimal discomfort.

What To Expect

For all cosmetic procedures, we always start with a consultation. We will discuss your suitability for gum laser surgery and what option best suit your needs and circumstances. If you are suitable for gum laser surgery and choose to proceed, the surgery can be performed in the same appointment or at a later time.

After 1 month, we will review once again as your gums will have healed. If additional gum laser surgery is required it will be performed in this review appointment.

Cosmetic Consultations

A comprehensive cosmetic and reconstructive consultation with our clinicians include a thorough examination and smile analysis. During your appointment, we will run through your treatment objectives and review any concerns and your desired outcomes.

Consultations with Dr Dee and our clinicians are $220 pre-paid; however, this is redeemable towards any cosmetic treatment you choose to go ahead with. Please plan your time accordingly as the consultation appointment is approximately 60 minutes in duration.

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The cost of gum laser surgery does vary for every individual, depending on the extent of work that will need to be completed. Gum laser surgery alone typically cost between $200-$300 per tooth.

Gum Lift Before & After

Clients often undergo gum laser surgery as a part of another treatment - like smile makeovers. Click on images below to reveal treatment details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, your gums can grow back after gum laser surgery. If you are having gum laser surgery on its own, we will generally see you again in 2-4 weeks to assess the healing and do further re-contouring if required.

We accept all private health funds. Coverage differs between health funds. We highly recommend that you ask your fund directly. Gum laser surgery is claimed under number 231 - Gingivectomy.

Gum Laser surgery is most often pain free. You will be given local anesthetic during the procedure and provided with sound proof headphones and your favourite shows to ensure that you are completely comfortable. Although there can be some tenderness and sensitivity after the numbing wears off, there should not be any pain experienced.

Gum Laser Surgery takes approximately 1-3 weeks to properly heal. There is minimal down time and you are able to work and proceed with your usual activities the next day. Gentle brushing is recommended as well as soft, cool foods. Complete recovery is dependent on each individual. Some patients may heal within a couple of days, while others may need a few weeks.

Vogue Dental Studios does not offer gum grafts at this time. However, we are able to refer you to a specialist upon examination.