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Driven by patient satisfaction.

Our Studios

Every patient that walks through our door is treated with complete respect and genuine care. It’s not about being the largest practice or seeing the most patients, but it’s about understanding each individual and offering them the optimal result.

Let us give you the VIP experience.

Our premium studios in Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast ensure to consistently offer high quality care and superior service. We aim to ensure that our clients have all their needs met and that they leave with a gratified feeling. Our Cosmetic Practice has been specifically designed to accommodate the variation of treatment essentials to offer the ultimate, luxury experience for all our patients. We respect the requests and privacy of every individual.

Yes, it’s about being comfortable.

And yes, we want you to be relaxed.

But we also want you to be  engaged and informed at each  and every stage of your treatment.

Listen to your favourite music.

We offer Bose headphones playing your favourite tunes to subtract any distracting noises.

Every room is also furnished with Bose Speakers that can play your choice of music via our SONOS System linked with Spotify Premium

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TV & Netflix

Watch your favourite content on our ceiling TV offering On Demand, YouTube and Netflix.

Foxtel and Netflix displayed on monitors.

Digital X-Ray

With our own Digital X-RAY mechanism, we are able to immediately fortify imaging solutions for precise and true dental diagnoses, without sending you to other clinics. Our Vatech Pax-i instrument allows us to capture clear and high quality Pano, Bitewing, TMG and Cephalometric images for your treatment planning as well as identifying further aspects of your oral health.

Digital Photography

Each treatment plan is carefully documented and formulated for a more accurate and high quality finish. We record every stage with digital imaging and photography for the patient’s case study. The advancement in digital photography allows us to specifically equate and reinforce an outcome that meets the expectations of our clients.

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Philips Zoom! Whitening System

The Phillip’s Zoom! Whitening system is a highly demanded service that brightens up your smile. The latest technology allows up to 8 shades of dramatic whitening applied and monitored by our trained professionals. We offer the options of in-chair bleaching or personalized, take home whitening kits.

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