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Dentures are a prosthetic device made to replace your missing teeth. Dentures can replicate the functions of your natural teeth such as providing a chewing surface and restoring facial support. They can improve quality of life by easing the tasks of eating and speaking. Dentures will also keep your remaining natural teeth from shifting out of place.

Types of Dentures

There are two categories of dentures: partial and full. A partial denture aims to replace a few missing teeth, while full dentures provide support for those with no remaining teeth.

Most modern dentures are removable and are generally quite comfortable. They are easy to wear and clean. Dentures can be made with a variety of different materials and mechanism. They can also vary in quality and price. The best way to determine which one best suits you is through a consultation appointment.

Holistic Smile Design

We pay special attention in selecting the right shape and shade to best suit your individuality. Our dentists work closely with the prosthodontist to achieve the best result. Your tastes and preferences are crucial in the decision-making process. In all of our work, we strive to make your dream smile come true.

Ask your health fund.

Health Cover

We accept all private health funds. While this procedure is usually covered, the coverage level varies depending on the plan. Upon consultation, an itemised break down will be provided to you, which can be used to check with your health fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Full dentures can last from approximately 5-10 years and possibly longer if well looked after. Partial dentures can last anywhere between 5-15 years.

The cost of dentures can only be advised after a consultation and examination appointment. Many factors can attribute to the fee including the denture type, material, single arch or whole mouth or whether it is a full or partial appliance. Our dentists work closely with the prosthodontist in the design of your dentures. Incorporating our holistic smile design philosophy, we specifically design your dentures to compliment you aesthetically.

After each meal, rinse your mouth and your dentures with water. This will help to keep food from getting under the dentures which may cause soreness. In the evening, brush your dentures with a soft brush. You may use a denture cleaning solution, or a mild soap. Abrasive products such as toothpaste and bleach should not be used. Before sleep, soak your dentures in water or in a denture cleaning solution. This will help lighten any staining and prolong the life of your dentures.

Though it is not recommended, you can sleep with your dentures in. We generally advise our patients to pop the denture in a bath of water, sometimes mixing with solution, to allow your mouth and gums to rest. Sleeping with your dentures in can also lead to bacterial growth and potentially shortening the lifespan of your prosthetic teeth.


For some patients, dental implants may be a suitable alternative to dentures. With the innovative method of All-On-4, dental implants may replace a few or all teeth. Implants can last much longer than dentures and aid in reducing bone loss. Implants act like regular teeth and can be cleaned the same way. It is best to consult your dentist on whether they are suitable for you.

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