Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Stay wise without the pain.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are molars that often grow and develop between the ages if 17-25 years of age. Individuals generally have four wisdom teeth - two upper and two lower. However, some may only grow two and others may not have any wisdom teeth at all.

If the teeth are happy and well aligned, patients generally keep them as long as they are healthy. If they are impacted or misaligned, they can cause damage internally to your other existing teeth whilst growing. As wisdom teeth are also quite far back, patients often struggle to reach them, and thus struggle to properly clean them. This often leads to build up of tartar and plaque, and even to decay.

Do I need an extraction?

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are generally removed if they are decayed, infected, impacted or causing pain. If you feel pain in your jaw, gums, or even suffer headaches, wisdom teeth may be the cause. A thorough examination and consultation will help us determine whether an extraction is necessary.

Wisdom teeth can also be removed to prevent crowding of teeth. This is may be recommended on its own or as a part of other orthodontic treatment. Wisdom teeth may need to be removed to make space for other teeth to straighten or remain straight.

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Good news!

Vogue Dental Studios does offer wisdom teeth extractions, depending on the complexity. Our skilled team of dentists will review your oral health and advised the best treatment plan for you.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The cost of wisdom teeth extraction does vary between case by case. An accurate quote can only be provided upon a thorough assessment and evaluation during your examination/consultation appointment. If you already have X-RAYS no older than 6 months, bring it along to save yourself some time!

Wisdom teeth extraction typically costs $300-650 per tooth depending on complexity. An accurate quote can be given upon consultation appointment and after seeing an appropriate X-RAY.

Ask your health fund.

Health Cover

We accept all private health funds. While this procedure is usually covered, the coverage level varies depending on the plan. Upon consultation, an itemised break down will be provided to you, which can be used to check with your health fund.