Jessika Power from MAFS modelling her Picasso Porcelain Veneers by Dr Dee.

Jessika Power



Jessika Power

Perth based model and MAFS star, Jessika Power, was always missing two lateral teeth. She became unhappy with her prior veneers after seeing herself on TV. Jessika came to Dr Dee to address specific design aspects of her smile. Her smile makeover involved x20 Picasso Porcelain Veneers.

About Jessika

Jessika was born with two missing lateral teeth. Wanting an immediate fix, she opted to get GlamSmile veneers locally. Once she appeared on Married At First sight and saw herself on TV, she was unhappy with how big and bulky her teeth looked. She was unhappy with the proportions of her smile that didn’t compliment her facial features and came to Dr Dee.

Jessika's Concerns

  • Bulky old veneers

  • Colour and Staining

  • Shapes

  • Missing Teeth

Dr Dee took into consideration of what Jessika wanted and listened to her concerns. She still wanted a Hollywood Smile that matched her outgoing and bubbly personality.

Dr Dee completed x10 Picasso Porcelain Veneers on her top teeth and x10 Picasso Porcelain Veneers on her lowers.

For the optimal results, Dr Dee had done this approximately 3-6 months apart to allow Jessika to adjust to her new bite.


With proper planning and extensive preliminary preparation, Jessika’s full top and bottom smile makeover was completed in 6 appointments.

1st visit: Prep for porcelain veneers

2nd visit: Try in and cement porcelain veneers

3rd visit: Review, clean, removal of excess glue

4th visit: 6 months later Review veneers, bite and deep clean

5th visit: Prep lower teeth for porcelain veneers

6th visit: Try in and cement lower veneers

Jessika then comes back every 3-6 months for her review and normal hygiene appointments.