Moraya Wilson Miss Universe Australia after fashion forward smile makeover at Vogue Dental Studios

Miss Universe Top 3

Moraya Wilson

Miss Universe Australia, Moraya Wilson, came to Vogue Dental Studios to enhance her smile. She wanted to widen her smile to best highlight her facial features while preserving her characteristic aesthetics. Moraya's smile makeover was completed with x10 Picasso Porcelain Veneers®.

Moraya's Smile Concerns

  • Teeth Sizes

  • Colour

  • Shapes

  • Narrow Smile 


Moraya's smile was completed with x10 Picassso Porcelain Veneers®

Dr Dee worked with Moraya to complete her personalised smile design. The custom design aimed to address her smile concerns and preserve her signature look.

What are Picasso Porcelain Veneers®?

Vogue Dental offers our very own brand of porcelain veneers: Picasso Porcelain Veneers®

Each veneer is hand-crafted and made-to-order based on a 3D scan of your teeth, allowing you to select the shade of your choice. Following the digital design phase, we provide temporary veneers for a trial period to ensure a precise fit. Your veneers should feel as comfortable as your natural teeth. Once any necessary refinements are made, the meticulous process of crafting your hand-layered veneers begins.

The exciting moment arrives when you can try on your Picasso veneers using a temporary adhesive during an appointment with our master ceramist. Once you're satisfied with the result, we can officially cement them, marking the completion of the transformation, and you can proudly display your new smile!

To start your smile journey, reach out to our skilled team at our Melbourne, Sydney, and Gold Coast studios. Book a consultation to get started with your new smile!

Will my veneers match my other teeth?

Absolutely! Here at Vogue Dental Studios, we ensure that your dental veneers seamlessly blend with your natural shade and your natural smile line. However, the final decision on the brightness and the shape of your veneers is in your hands. We offer guidance on shades, shapes, and recommendations, and you have the flexibility to choose a brighter tone or different shape if desired.

You can choose to preserve your natural aesthetics while making refinements like Moraya did. Each smile is individual and we celebrate those differences that makes us unique!

For the shade, achieving a brighter look in the rest of your smile can be easily attained through regular teeth whitening. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're here to assist you at every step.

Our design philosophy

Cosmetic Consultations

A comprehensive cosmetic and reconstructive consultation with our clinicians include a thorough examination and smile analysis. During your appointment, we will run through your treatment objectives and review any concerns and your desired outcomes.

Consultations with Dr Dee and our clinicians are $220 pre-paid; however, this is redeemable towards any cosmetic treatment you choose to go ahead with. Please plan your time accordingly as the consultation appointment is approximately 60 minutes in duration.

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Frequently Asked Veneers Questions


Yes — Vogue Dental offers several payment plan possibilities through third-party companies. We aim to make smile makeovers for all of our patients as affordable and accessible as possible.

We also accept different payment options for your convenience, such as the following:

  • Debit and credit cards

  • Direct transfer

  • Zip Money

  • Payment plan

You may also be eligible for interest-free payment plans. Our friendly Vogue Dental Studios team can help you understand which options are available to you. For more information about our payment plans, fees, and insurance covers, give us a call at 1300 764 536.

While all dental veneers are designed to endure for years, porcelain veneers stand out as the optimal choice for longevity. With proper care, they can last between 10 to 15 years, and potentially even longer. The key factor influencing the overall lifespan of your veneers is your commitment to their maintenance. To ensure their longevity, schedule routine check-ups and cleaning appointments, and maintain excellent oral hygiene practices. Taking these steps will significantly contribute to the enduring quality of your veneers.

Undergoing the dental veneer procedure at Vogue Dental Studios typically shouldn't impact your work, although it does depend on the complexity of the procedure and how you respond to your new smile. If you encounter substantial pain or sensitivity in your teeth or gums, it might be advisable to consider taking some time off from work. During your consultation, it's crucial to discuss with your dentist whether the procedure could potentially affect your ability to work. Your well-being is our priority, and we're here to address any concerns you may have regarding the process and its potential impact on your daily activities.

Since dental veneers are typically classified as a cosmetic dental procedure, they might not fall under insurance coverage. To understand your eligibility for coverage, it's best to directly consult with your private health fund. While veneers do offer a restorative aspect which is often covered by insurance, it will depend on your procedure and context.

The good news is that we've simplified the process for you to inquire with your insurance provider. Following your consultation, we'll provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of your treatment plan. With this information, you can easily approach your health fund to understand the extent of your coverage for dental veneers.

Certainly! When you choose porcelain veneers with us at Vogue Dental Studios, you can indulge in eating and drinking whatever you desire. In the initial weeks post-procedure, you might experience some sensitivity in your teeth. In such cases, we recommend cutting crunchy foods into smaller portions and refraining from biting directly on the front of your teeth. Apart from these precautions, caring for your veneers is as straightforward as maintaining your natural teeth.

If you're wearing temporary veneers, we suggest opting for a soft food diet to prevent any potential breakage or chipping. Temporary veneers are more susceptible to staining, so it's wise to steer clear of colored substances like red wine, coffee, curries, and beetroot to preserve their appearance.

Read our guide on what you can eat with temporary veneers

At Vogue Dental Studios, we exclusively craft our porcelain veneers from ultra-thin ceramic porcelain, ensuring durability, reliability, and a natural appearance. While porcelain veneers are considered the superior option due to their lasting qualities, it's important to note that they come with a higher price tag compared to bonded or composite veneers. The latter option is less invasive but have a shorter lifespan.

Our deep dive into composite vs porcelain

To determine the most suitable choice for you, we recommend speaking directly with one of our senior dentists during your consultation. This personalised conversation will include discussing your goals, preferences, and budget, and guiding you towards the option that aligns best with your individual needs.

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Moraya Wilson Miss Universe Australia with Dr Deepan Duraisamy