Professional Footballer

Kyah Simon

Kyah wanted an understated smile makeover that would make her smile wider and fuller. Dr Dee worked on replicating her natural smile with precise adjustments to achieve that objective. Being an interstate patient, Kyah started with a video consultation and completed her makeover in 4 appointments.

About Kyah

Kyah Simon plays as striker in Australian Women's National Team, the W-League, and in the American National Women's Soccer League. In 2011, Kyah became the first Indigenous Australian to score a goal in a FIFA World Cup. A role model in her own right, Kyah also runs soccer clinics where she teachers young players the skills, mentality, and resilience needed to succeed.

Kyah's Concerns

  • Colour

  • Size

  • Shapes

  • Narrow smile line


Dr Dee completed x12 Picasso Porcelain Veneers.

Slight adjustments to Kyah's smile allowed her smile to appear wider and fuller. Dr Dee worked to preserve the characteristics of her teeth, including the shape and translucency, while achieving Kyah's objectives.

Kyah Simon after photo only


Kyah’s smile makeover was completed in 4 appointments after her video consultation as she lives interstate.

1st visit: Prep for porcelain veneers

2nd visit: Shade and Final Tooth Position

3rd visit: Try in and cement porcelain veneers

4th visit: Review, clean, removal of excess glue, impressions and lower whitening to match up the shade.

We had then mailed out her aftercare splint and lower bleach tray to continue maintaining the colour at home. Due to the travel restrictions of COVID-19, Kyah was advised to get her cleans done locally every 3-6 months until it is safe to travel again.

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