A Note on Cosmetic Dentistry

Our Philosophy

Though cosmetic dentistry is not an integral aspect that contributes to physical health, it can make a significant contribution to one’s self esteem and emotional welfare through the fine-tuning of our aesthetic features. This is often conveyed both in our professional and personal lives through increased confidence and self-appreciation.

General vs Cosmetic

Dentistry can be seen as either therapeutic (general dentistry) or non-therapeutic (cosmetic dentistry).

Therapeutic/General Dentistry: Aims to address and treat medical concerns to heal or rebuild health. These are preventative and restoration treatments. Non-therapeutic/Cosmetic Dentistry: To enhance appearance for aesthetic purposes.

At Vogue Dental Studios, we acknowledge the importance of both by addressing all your general dentistry needs first, prior to proceeding with the cosmetic aspect.

Though these procedures are subject to the suitability of the client, these treatments are now widely accepted in modern day society as rational personal choices.

It's always your choice.

Cosmetic dentistry is an optional procedure, and the choice is in the hands of the patient. We encourage all patients to make an informed decision and take their time to do thorough research.