Responsible Aesthetics

A Note on Cosmetic Dentistry

Though cosmetic dentistry is not an integral aspect that contributes to physical health, it can make a significant contribution to one’s self esteem and emotional welfare through the fine-tuning of our aesthetic features. This is often conveyed both in our professional and personal lives through increased confidence and self-appreciation.

General and Reconstructive vs Cosmetic

Dentistry can be seen as either therapeutic (general and reconstructive dentistry) or non-therapeutic (cosmetic dentistry).

Therapeutic/General and Reconstructive Dentistry: Aims to address and treat medical concerns to heal or rebuild health. These are preventative and restoration treatments. Non-therapeutic/Cosmetic Dentistry: To enhance appearance for aesthetic purposes.

At Vogue Dental Studios, we acknowledge the importance of both by addressing all your general dentistry needs first, prior to proceeding with the cosmetic aspect.

Though these procedures are subject to the suitability of the client, these treatments are now widely accepted in modern day society as rational personal choices.

It's always your choice.

Cosmetic dentistry is an elective procedure, and we stress the importance of your right to information. We encourage all patients to make an informed decision and to seek a second opinion from a qualified healthcare professional.

If any medical records are collected from us, you have the right to access your own medical records, X-RAYS and notes or to ask us to transfer your records to another practice. You will just need to sign a release of records form to do so.

At your appointment, you will be given a personalized treatment plan tailored to you. Your dentist will guide you towards making an informed choice and explain the risks and benefits. With cosmetic treatment, please bear in mind that this is an optional treatment plan to correct the aesthetics of your smile.

The decision you make should be supported by proper research, direction from a qualified dental practitioner or healthcare professional with extensive explanation. It is important to understand both the risks and benefits of each treatment option, the reasoning behind the differentiating costs and researching the materials used and quality of craftsmanship.

Dr Dee and Vogue Dental studios support TGA regulatory changes for medical devices.

19th August, 2022

As part of our philosophy and commitment towards responsible aesthetics, Vogue Dental Studios and Dr Dee have commended the regulatory changes by TGA in the medical devices section. You will find our website, social media and other advertisement platforms have gone through/going through minor to major changes. As part of these changes, you may find some of your favourite contents temporarily/permanently missing. Thank you for understanding our process to excel with our compliance. Throughout our existence, we have worked hard in staying transparent, compliant and informative with our advertisements and social media contents.

TGA’s regulatory codes in the area of personalised medical devices in relation to the dental industry have rightfully gone through major changes and come into effect from June 22. There are transitional arrangements for the dental industry until 1st Nov 2024. We have gone through self-initiated audits and regulatory compliance checks through regulatory legal consultants and working closely with AHPRA, ADA and now TGA to stay on top of compliance while bringing useful information and compliant advertisements. The new TGA reclassifications and codes are elaborate and complex. As these are recent changes, the interpretation of these codes by our industry consulting experts are currently under progress. As and when we receive official advice, we are updating our content and advertisement to reflect the same. 

Dr.Dee and Vogue Dental studios support TGA regulatory changes for medical devices.

In the meantime, please feel free to email us if you have questions, comments, or complaints to

TGA Compliance

Media Response

Vogue Dental Studios have been contacted by the media for a statement in regards to the TGA Advertising code. We believe in being transparent, open and honest. Please find our response below:

Vogue Dental Studios and Dr.Deepan Duraisamy fully support the TGA regulatory changes for custom made medical devices such as Veneers, Crowns and Dental Implants. We believe and practice responsible aesthetics and treatments.

A significant majority of patients who choose to go through with these treatments are for the reconstruction of their lost teeth structure and functional bite. A small proportion of these treatments are purely done for cosmetic enhancements. 

The new TGA dental reclassifications and codes are elaborate and complex. These recent changes are detailed in describing the advertising in social media and wider advertising. We have self-audited, sought regulator’s and legal experts advice, amended and continue to amend our content to be in compliance with the regulations.

Since the introduction of the TGA guidelines in June 2022, Dr.Deepan Duraisamy reported himself and Vogue Dental Studios to the complaints department of both TGA and AHPRA in August 2022 to audit all our advertising and social media platforms and is in continuous correspondence with the Medical Devices section for further advise on clarifications. This can be directly confirmed from the regulators if required.