Alisha after smile makeover at Bring Back a Smile Foundation


Alisha's struggle with Amelogenesis Imperfecta left her with small, discoloured, and weak teeth. She had saved up for crowns and composite veneers elsewhere which constantly broke and chipped away. Alisha lost confidence in her smile and remained self conscious to show her teeth. With Picasso Porcelain Crowns® by Dr. Betty and Dr. Dee at Vogue Dental Studios, Alisha's smile was transformed.

Alisha's Story

Alisha's smile has always been a sensitive subject for her. Born with Amelogenesis Imperfecta, a condition that affects the formation of enamel, her teeth were smaller, discoloured, and prone to weakness. As a child, she received crowns and composite veneers through the public health system, but they eventually stained and chipped, diminishing their effectiveness. These ongoing issues made Alisha feel self-conscious about her smile, affecting her confidence in social situations.

Alisha's Resolution

Dr. Betty and Dr. Dee at Vogue Dental Studios understood Alisha's dental history and the emotional toll it had taken on her. They crafted a smile makeover plan using Picasso Porcelain Crowns® to restore the strength, colour, and size of Alisha's teeth.