Clare after full smile makeover giveaway at Bring Back a Smile Foundation


Clare's journey to a beautiful smile was marred by a series of accidents that began in childhood, leaving her with a missing front tooth, irregular shapes, and discolouration. Despite years of attempts to improve her teeth's aesthetics, including teeth bleaching and whitening toothpaste, she still felt insecure about her smile. Her persistence in applying for the Vogue Dental Studios Giveaway paid off, and with Dr. Betty's help, her smile was transformed with Picasso Porcelain Veneers®️, giving Clare the confidence to smile freely and leave her dental troubles behind.

Clare's Concerns

  • Irregular teeth shape

  • Colour

  • Overall aesthetics

Clare's smile journey began with a childhood accident that changed everything. While playing tag with her brother, she fell into a coffee table and lost her two front baby teeth. That wasn't the end of her troubles. When she was 12, her stepbrother accidentally hit her with a metal gate, causing her to tragically lose one of her permanent front teeth. Despite attempts to fix it with a filling and later a root canal, the tooth suffered further trauma after she tripped over. These incidents left Clare with irregularly shaped teeth, discolouration, and an overall dissatisfaction with her smile.

Determined to improve the aesthetics of her teeth, Clare tried various methods over the years, including teeth bleaching, whitening toothpaste, and excessive brushing, but none of them worked. The constant setbacks made her feel insecure and self-conscious, but she never gave up hope. She continued to apply for the Vogue Dental Studios Giveaway, driven by her dream of a smile that could reflect her vibrant personality. Clare's persistence paid off when she was selected to receive a smile makeover, a moment she had been eagerly awaiting since the Giveaway's announcement in 2021.

Clare's Resolution

Dr. Betty at Vogue Dental Studios took on Clare's case, understanding her journey and the emotional weight behind it. The smile makeover with Picasso Porcelain Veneers®️ transformed Clare's teeth, addressing the irregular shapes, discolouration, and other aesthetic concerns.