David several missing teeth smile restoration from smile makeover giveaway at Vogue Dental Studios


A sports injury in David's youth left him with a broken front tooth, and years of neglect led to gaps, missing teeth, and a lack of confidence in his smile, causing him to become more introverted. After a combination treatment of Picasso Porcelain Veneers®️ and a Bridge at Vogue Dental Studios by Dr. Dee and Dr. Gina, he regained his smile and his self-assurance, ready to meet people without feeling judged.

David's Story

When he was younger, a sports injury changed the trajectory of his smile. The accident left him with a broken front tooth, and over the years, neglect caused his dental health to deteriorate. Gaps and missing teeth became more prominent, and the colour and overall aesthetics of his smile faded. These issues led him to lose a lot of confidence, and he became increasingly introverted, feeling judged every time he met new people.

David's Resolution

Dr. Dee and Dr. Gina worked together to create a personalised treatment plan, combining Picasso Porcelain Veneers®️ and a Bridge to restore the missing teeth and improve the colour and aesthetics of his smile. This comprehensive approach gave him a complete smile makeover, bringing back the confidence he had lost.