Floyd crowded teeth invisalign braces smile makeover at Bring Back a Smile Foundation


Floyd's journey to a brighter smile began with orthodontic treatment and Invisalign to correct his crowded and misaligned teeth. Dr. Dee then completed his transformation with Picasso Porcelain Veneers®, giving Floyd a even, radiant smile.

Floyd's Concerns

  • Alignment

  • Colour

  • Shapes

Floyd's narrow upper and lower arches caused significant crowding, and the limited arch space made it difficult to maintain good oral hygiene, leading to chronic gingivitis and plaque buildup. These dental issues not only affected his health but also his confidence to smile freely.

Floyd's primary concerns were the alignment, colour, and shapes of his teeth. The crowding resulted in misaligned teeth, while the ongoing gingivitis and plaque issues left his teeth looking discoloured and uneven. He knew that a comprehensive approach would be necessary to address all these concerns and achieve the smile he had always longed for.

Floyd's Resolution

With the guidance of Dr. Dee, Floyd embarked on his transformative dental journey. He first underwent orthodontic treatment to correct the severe crowding, followed by Invisalign to further refine the alignment of his teeth. Finally, Dr. Dee completed Floyd's smile makeover with Picasso Porcelain Veneers®, which provided the perfect finishing touch by enhancing the shape and colour of his teeth.