Armor for your teeth.

Mouthguards are made to protect your teeth in a variety of situations. If you play sports or grind your teeth, discuss with your dentist whether you need a mouthguard. Vogue Dental Studios offers a range of mouthguards for different situations, all providing daily protection.

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Do I need a mouthguard?

We highly recommend for anyone who plays a contact sport - adults and children - to invest in a sports mouthguard. Certain non-contact sports may also necessitate a mouthguard, such as the vibrations experienced during moutainbiking or the hard clenching when weight lifting. If you are frequently in a situation where you may receive trauma around the mouth area, speak with us about mouthguards.

Clenching and grinding is another common reason to require a mouthguard (also called a splint). Excessive nighttime grinding may eventually lead to broken, chipped or uneven teeth. A mouthguard will protect your teeth from further damage and longer preserve your smile. In this case, the mouthguard is commonly worn during sleep but may also be worn during the day if you find yourself clenching as a habit.

If you have ever had orthodontic treatment, chances are your dentist has already recommended a retainer or splint to keep your teeth in position. If you've had orthodontic treatment with us, we will always provide an aftercare retainer for both your top and bottom arches. Our teeth do have muscle memory and like to return to their original positions. So to avoid going through the straightening process again, it's best to wear a retainer consistently to maintain the corrected positions.

Cost of Mouthguards, Retainers, and Splints

Sports Mouthguards | $180

Custom fitted sports mouthguards are recommended to protect your teeth against impact. They are designed to absorb shock and limit movement from direct hits. Best of all, you can choose from a multitude of colours!

Grinding Splints | $590

Protect your teeth against bruxism and night time grinding with a thick customized grinding splint. Let us know if you've had orthodontic treatment as we can make you a grinding splint/retainer in one!

Retainers | $220 per arch

Stop your teeth from moving with a personalized orthodontic retainer and/or splint. After you complete your orthodontic treatment with us at Vogue Dental Studios, you will be provided with x2 complimentary sets of upper and lower retainers. If, for any reason, you lose or break your retainers, a replacement fee will charged per arch.

Bleach Trays

Vogue Dental Studios also offers custom fitted bleaching trays. The price including bleach is $350; trays without bleach is $299.

Are mouthguards covered by healthfunds?

Ask Your Healthfund

Coverage levels differ between healthfunds. The best way to determine if you're covered is to ask your healthfund directly. Mouthguards are claimed under item number 965.