Jake Edwards

Jake Edwards, former footballer and mental health advocate, had always been insecure with his teeth. His main concerns were teeth size and chipping. Jake approached Dr Dee not only to transform his own smile, but to share this journey with two others. Together, Vogue Dental Studios and Jake gave away smile makeovers worth up to $60,000. Jake's own smile was completed with twelve Picasso Porcelain Veneers.

Jake's Concerns

  • Broken-down teeth

  • Small size

  • Teeth shapes

  • Gaps

  • Colour

Jake has felt his teeth and smile have been his biggest insecurities for some time. His main concerns were teeth size and shapes.


Dr Dee completed x12 Picasso Porcelain Veneers to restore Jakes smile.


Jake's smile makeover was completed in 4 appointments:

1st visit: Prep for porcelain veneers

2nd visit: Shade and Final Tooth Position Measurement

3rd visit: Try-in and cement porcelain veneers

4th visit: Review, clean and removal of excess glue

Jake now visits Vogue Dental Studios  every 6 months for his routine check up and cleans

Jake and Dr Dee's Giveaway

One of the first things that Jake said while starting his smile journey was wanting to share this with someone else - two people actually. Vogue Dental Studios partnered with Jake to give away smile makeovers to two individuals worth up to $60,000 total. The giveaway completed in July 2021 and winners have been selected. We look forward to sharing their journeys in the coming months.

Read more about the giveaway

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