Josh Addo-Carr with porcelain veneers on his teeth at Vogue Dental Studios.

Dental Crowns Sydney

Vogue Dental Studios is ready to provide you with dental crowns in Sydney, created by our dentists and ceramists, using the latest technology and the highest quality materials. Achieve a full, protected mouth of teeth and a perfect smile with Vogue Dental’s Sydney dental crowns services.

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Vogue Dental Studios is ready to provide you with dental crowns in Sydney, created by our dentists and ceramists, using the latest technology and the highest quality materials. Achieve a full, protected mouth of teeth and a perfect smile with Vogue Dental’s Sydney dental crowns services.

What are Dental Crowns, and How Do They Work?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is used to cover and restore a weak, broken, or decayed tooth. Whether you need one dental crown or several, the ‘cap’ will fit over your entire tooth.

To custom-make your dental crowns, we will take impressions of your teeth and craft your crown or crowns, then bond them to your teeth with a strong dental cement. Our expert ceramists and dentists will work to restore and protect your teeth while achieving a natural aesthetic result.

At Vogue Dental, we offer both porcelain and composite dental crowns to our patients in Sydney.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

The porcelain dental crowns you’ll receive at Vogue Dental are the more permanent option — bonded directly to your natural tooth enamel with a strong cement. Porcelain dental crowns will provide you with more durable and natural coverage, with stain protection and strong damage prevention.

At Vogue Dental Sydney, we offer exclusive Picasso Porcelain Crowns™️, which are custom-made with high-quality materials — ultra-thin ceramic porcelain and crafted by our master ceramist. 

Composite Dental Crowns

Meanwhile, composite dental crowns comprise a special bonded resin shaped by our dentists for your teeth. They don’t last as long as porcelain crowns but are less invasive and expensive.

What are Dental Crowns for?

The intent of dental crowns mainly falls into two categories:

Dental Crowns for Restorative Purposes

As dental crowns are designed to protect and cover your teeth, they are suitable for:

  • Reinforcing weakened teeth

  • Repairing and strengthening damaged or broken teeth

  • Preventing your teeth from cracking 

  • Supporting teeth with fillings

  • Protecting teeth that have had root canals

  • Covering dental implants

  • Holding an adjacent dental bridge

Dental Crowns for Cosmetic Purposes

Dental crowns can also take on a cosmetic element. You can get crowns placed if you want to improve your teeth’s appearance, shape, or alignment. Another excellent option for improving the appearance of your teeth is getting dental veneers, which are designed to mainly cover the front of your teeth.

If you’re unsure of whether dental crowns are suitable for you (or which type of dental crowns to choose), visit our expert dentists at our Sydney studio for a professional consultation — we’ll conduct a thorough examination to help you decide on the appropriate procedure and method that’s best for your teeth and smile. 

Dental Crowns Sydney FAQs

Whether you get porcelain or composite dental crowns depends on the condition of your teeth, how many teeth you need restored or augmented, and your budget. It’s essential to weigh up the pros and cons of both procedures first. Porcelain dental crowns provide a more natural look, longer-lasting protection, and stain resistance — but they will cost more. Meanwhile, composite crowns are made up of composite resin and are more affordable, less invasive, and come with shorter wait times — however, they aren’t stain-resistant and don’t last as long as porcelain crowns.

Like all of our dental procedures at our Sydney Studio, the best way to decide which procedure you should undertake is to come to us for a consultation, after which we’ll have a clearer understanding of your dental condition and goals. Then, we can schedule an appointment for your porcelain or composite dental crown procedure.

At Vogue Dental Studios, we price our dental crown procedures the same as our dental veneers in Sydney. Porcelain crowns will generally cost between $2500 and $3500 per tooth, while composite crowns will usually cost around $850 per tooth. These prices are estimates — they may change, depending on the complexity of your treatment and other factors, so to get a more accurate quote for your dental crown procedure in Sydney, book a consultation.

While dental crowns and veneers are both designed to cover and protect the teeth, they are different procedures with varying purposes and effects. Veneers cover the front surface of the tooth and are most commonly used for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes. Meanwhile, dental crowns are designed to protect the entire tooth — including the back and sides — and take on a more restorative element. 

Vogue Dental offers both dental veneers and dental crowns at our Sydney studio. If you need help determining which treatment is best, why not book a consultation with our dental crown experts?

Dental crowns are often designed to restore, protect, and cover teeth, so most private health funds usually cover them. However, dental crowns may also be considered a non-restorative cosmetic dental procedure in Sydney, depending on your reasons for getting crowns. Your insurance provider may not cover specific cosmetic procedures. 

When in doubt, the best thing to do is to check your dental coverage with your private health fund. Upon your consultation with us, we’ll provide an itemised breakdown that you can use to check with your health fund to see if you’re covered or not. 

As your dental crown consultation may include an extensive examination, a scan of your teeth, and a discussion of your treatment options, we charge a pre-paid consultation fee of $220. However, this fee is redeemable for your dental crown procedure! For any questions about consultations or redeeming your payment, don’t hesitate to contact the Vogue Dental team at 1300 764 536.

At Vogue Dental, we aim to make cosmetic and restorative dental procedures accessible and affordable for as many patients as possible. That’s why we offer a range of convenient payment plans for your convenience, such as Afterpay and Zip Money. You may also be eligible for interest-free payment plans depending on your procedure. Contact our dental experts in Sydney at 1300 764 536 to learn more about payment plans, fees, insurance covers, and other questions.