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Zoom Teeth Whitening Sydney

Enjoy a brighter, whiter, and more confident smile with Vogue Dental Studio’s professional teeth whitening services and Phillips Zoom!

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Sydney’s Teeth Whitening

Vogue Dental Studios is Sydney’s premier cosmetic dentist clinic. Focusing in cosmetic dentistry that restores smiles and improves confidence, our team of skilled dentists in our North Sydney clinic are committed to providing the best teeth whitening Sydney has to offer.

Stained and discoloured teeth are an unfortunate and unsightly by-product of our everyday routines. Whether stained teeth are caused by foods, coffee, red wine, medications, smoking, or a combination of multiple different factors, our in-chair teeth whitening can help.

Book a check-up at our North Sydney clinic and find out just how affordable and effective our teeth whitening treatments can be.

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What Causes Stained Teeth?

Teeth staining is, in many cases, the direct outcome of the food and drink that we consume each day. In general, teeth staining can be broken down into the categories of ‘avoidable’ and ‘non-avoidable’ factors.

The avoidable factors that contribute to discolouration and staining include consuming staining foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, berries, dark sauces, smoking, poor oral hygiene, and excessive fluoride consumption. The remedy for the avoidable factors that contribute to stained teeth is simply to stop and improve – which is easier said than done.

On the flip side, there are also a number of non-avoidable factors that contribute to stained teeth – not least of which is the fact that we are not all gifted with a perfect, white smile. Some of the non-avoidable factors that contribute to the appearance of stained teeth include dental treatments, dental traumas, mouth diseases, genetics, aging, and even medication.

It's important to remember that teeth whitening in Sydney isn’t a one-size fits all solution. The underlying cause of stained or discoloured teeth, as well as your desired outcome will determine the best teeth whitening treatment method.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Professional teeth whitening utilises a chemical compound of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide which is applied directly to the surface of the teeth as a bleaching agent. The formula is applied directly to the teeth in the form of a mixed whitening agent which is tailored towards your teeth, as well as your desired shade.

Once the formula is applied to the teeth, our dentists will then use the Phillips Zoom blue LED light to activate the hydrogen peroxide/carbamide peroxide whitening gel. This blue light effectively breaks apart the gel at a faster rate and elicits a chemical reaction that lifts stains from teeth.

The process described above is specific to in-chair teeth whitening at our North Sydney clinic. Depending on the method of whitening that you choose (in clinic vs. at home), the method and outcome will vary.

Of course, providing the best teeth whitening Sydney has to offer means taking a personalised approach to each treatment. Our Sydney dentists will provide a unique treatment plan for teeth whitening that is tailored towards your smile and your goals.

In-Chair vs. At-home Teeth Whitening

In-chair vs. take home whitening – which should you choose?

At Vogue Dental Studios, we offer in-chair professional teeth whitening, as well as at home whitening kits that you can take home to achieve excellent results.

To be frank, our in-chair and take-home whitening clinic both achieve fantastic, lasting whitening results that effectively lift stains and restore a brighter, whiter smile. Here’s some more information to help you make the right decision.

Our in-chair professional teeth whitening treatment in our North Sydney clinic can be completed within a two-hour session with immediate results that last for 6 month – 2 years – depending on aftercare.

Alternatively, our take-home teeth whitening kits provide a cost-effective whitening treatment that includes a 3-month whitening supply pack, individually customised trays & case, as well as sensitive toothpaste. Our at-home treatment utilises the incredibly effective Philips Zoom Day or Philips Zoom Night kits.

To book your in-chair teeth whitening, simply book a consultation in our North Sydney clinic. Alternatively, to get started with your take home kit, book a consultation with our professional team and we will determine the most suitable treatment method and prepare your customised moulds.

Premium results, affordable price.

In-chair Whitening - $850

  • Check-up

  • Sensitive toothpaste

  • In-chair whitening

Take Home Kit - $350

  • Individually customized trays & case

  • 3 months whitening supply pack

  • Sensitive toothpaste

Whitening Before & After

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Teeth Whitening Sydney FAQs

Our in-chair teeth whitening spring promotion means that you can whiten your teeth in our North Sydney clinic for $850.

Our take home-whitening kit is priced at $350 and includes:

  • Individually customized trays & case

  • 3 months whitening supply pack

  • Sensitive toothpaste

Just like anything, how long your teeth whitening lasts will ultimately come down to how you care for your teeth, your oral hygiene routine, as well as external factors such as consumption of staining food and beverages.

In general, however, professional teeth whitening can last from anywhere between 6 months to 2 years before needing another trip to our North Sydney clinic to ‘top up’ your smile. On average, our patients in Sydney will come back for an in-chair whitening treatment every 6 to 12 months and use our take home kit every 3-4 months to maintain their desired shade.

We recommend waiting 60-minutes after in-chair whitening before eating to let things settle. After this time, it’s best to steer clear of staining food and beverages like coffee, tea, red wine (all the good stuff) for a period of 48-hours.

After that, you’re in the clear, however, we always recommend avoiding staining food and drinks (where possible) and consulting with our Sydney dental team during your visit for tips on how to mitigate stains and discolouration.

It really depends. If you’re prone to sensitive teeth, then it is possible that you may experience sensitivity after treatment. During your initial consultation, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment to make sure that you are the right candidate for in-chair or take-home treatment, as well as arming you with sensitive toothpaste to help alleviate any discomfort.

In general, most patients that experience sensitivity find that this feeling will dissipate within 12-24 hours. If you experience sensitivity beyond this time, we recommend getting in touch with our North Sydney team.

The process for in-chair and take-home teeth whitening is not painful, however, as we touched on above, it may cause some sensitivity to those that are pre-disposed to sensitive teeth.

To mitigate discomfort after treatment, we recommend brushing with sensitive toothpaste for 7-14 days prior to your appointment, as well as after to ease the sensitivity.

Whitening your teeth with a qualified dental professional like Vogue Dental means avoiding all of the pitfalls that you may see online from time to time. Global consumer protection organisations agree that the proper use of whitening products is safe after consultation and approval by a qualified dentist.

Teeth whitening in Sydney is extremely safe when administered through our North Sydney clinic which is why a personalised treatment plan is essential.

As teeth whitening is usually considered a purely cosmetic procedure by healthcare providers, it may not be covered by your dental insurance plan. Still, it’s best to check with your insurance provider for the specific details of your coverage. Even if you don’t get teeth whitening benefits, Vogue Dental makes teeth whitening affordable and accessible for everyone. We offer a wide range of payment options for all budgets, so you can use Afterpay, a debit card payment, or one of our interest-free payment plans to pay for your teeth whitening procedure.