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Mouthguards Sydney

Vogue Dental Studios offers high-quality, protective mouthguards in Sydney, providing strong daily protection for any circumstances. Discuss your mouthguard needs with our professional dentists at our Sydney clinic and find the ideal customised mouthguard for you.

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What are Mouthguards?

A dental mouthguard, also known as a gumshield, is essentially a thick shield that you wear over your teeth. It is a dental appliance that is designed to provide protection for your teeth, lips, and jaw. Vogue Dental can prescribe and provide a range of mouthguards in Sydney, depending on your needs, you dental condition, and any other treatments you may be undergoing with us at our Sydney Studio.

There are several reasons why you might need a mouthguard in Sydney:

Mouthguards for Sports

Say you’re a sports or exercise enthusiast. People often worry about straining their muscles or getting external bruises and cuts, but one overlooked area of damage is to the teeth. High contact sports such as rugby can result in severe dental damage. Even non-contact sports participants might sometimes need to wear mouthguards.

If you participate in any activity, competitive or recreational sport where impact, contact, and collision are likely to occur with frequency, you should look into mouthguards in Sydney, and there’s no better place to look than with Vogue Dental. We offer custom fitted sports mouthguards designed for shock absorption from direct hits — and they come in a variety of colours.

Mouthguards for Clenching and Grinding

If you grind your teeth subconsciously or while asleep, you may have a dental condition known as bruxism, which can cause significant damage to your teeth and gums over time. Patients with this condition are often prescribed mouthguards to protect their teeth from damage and preserve their smile’s cosmetic value.

Mouthguards prescribed for teeth grinding are most commonly required during sleep, when you’re unaware of your grinding. However, they may also be worn during the day if you clench or grind your teeth subconsciously as a habit.

Vogue Dental offers customised grinding splint mouthguards to prevent night-time and daytime teeth grinding.

Orthodontic Mouthguards

If you’ve had an orthodontic treatment, your dentist will probably recommend wearing a retainer or splint to help your teeth maintain their new position. An orthodontic mouthguard in Sydney will prevent your teeth from moving and save you the costs of further treatment.

At Vogue Dental, we provide aftercare retainers and mouthguards in Sydney for your top and bottom arches. Depending on how your treatment goes and your dental condition, we recommend wearing the provided retainer, splint, or mouthguard to help maintain the corrected positions.

The Cost of Mouthguards in Sydney

Vogue Dental offers robust, reliable, and affordable splints, retainers, trays, and mouthguards in Sydney, at the following prices:

  • Sports Mouthguards | $180

  • Grinding Splints | $590

  • Retainers | $220 per arch

  • Bleach Trays | $350 with bleach | $299 without bleach

Get a Custom Mouthguard with Vogue Dental in Sydney

When you wear a mouthguard, you want it to be comfortable but still protective and strong, so you can go about your business without worrying about your teeth. That’s where Vogue Dental Studios excels. We don’t compete in pricing — just in real, tangible results.

Visit the Vogue Dental team at our newly renovated, state of the art Sydney clinic to receive professional care from Sydney’s best restorative and cosmetic dentists, and to find the best mouthguard in Sydney to preserve and protect your mouth and smile.

Mouthguards Sydney FAQs

While mouthguards in Sydney are generally covered under dental by private health funds, coverage levels and conditions may differ between different health insurance providers. The best practice when considering using your health fund to pay for your mouthguard is to consult your Sydney health fund directly. Here’s a tip: mouthguards are claimed under item number 965.

Mouthguards are used to protect your teeth and prevent them from moving, breaking, or eroding. They are most commonly used for protection during sports and exercise or to prevent teeth grinding or bruxism.

Vogue Dental offers a range of mouthguards in Sydney for various purposes, so get in touch with us if you think you might need to wear a mouthguard, whether you’ve just joined a rugby league, or you think you’ve been grinding your teeth at night.

Every mouth is different, and mouthguards are more suitable for some than others. At Vogue Dental, we recommend that you get in touch with us about mouthguards if:

  • You play a contact sport like rugby or football

  • You experience constant vibrations (such as during exercises like mountain biking)

  • You clench your teeth during weight lifting and other exercise

  • You are frequently in a situation where you might receive trauma to the mouth

  • You clench and grind your teeth at night

  • You’ve had an orthodontic treatment that necessitates a mouthguard, splint, or retainer

The cost of your mouthguard in Sydney will depend on the type of mouthguard, what purpose it serves, and the severity of your condition and needs. There are three main cost categories for Vogue Dental’s state of the art mouthguards in Sydney:

  • $180: Sports mouthguards, which are designed to protect your teeth against shocks and strong impacts.

  • $590: Grinding splints, which are customised to protect your teeth against teeth grinding and bruxism.

  • $220 per arch: Retainers are a personalised orthodontic appliance designed to prevent your teeth from moving. The good news is that any orthodontic treatment from Vogue Dental comes with a complimentary sets of upper and lower retainers!

At Vogue Dental in Sydney, we also offer custom fitted bleaching trays, which cost $350 with bleach and $299 without bleach.

While you can technically eat with a mouthguard in, you shouldn’t need to. Sports mouthguards should only be worn while you’re exercising, and nightguards should only be worn while you’re sleeping. You can, however drink water with a mouthguard in – but you should avoid drinks with sugar, which can damage your mouthguard.