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Braces Gold Coast

Vogue Dental Studios offer dental braces treatment on the Gold Coast to those with misaligned teeth to get the smith they’ve always wanted.

Transform Your Smile with Braces on the Gold Coast

Vogue Dental Studios offers transformative braces treatments on the Gold Coast for children, teens, and adults. 

When teeth are misaligned, even just slightly, they can affect the way you speak, eat, and smile. Teeth misalignment can easily be corrected with the help of braces, a dental treatment that helps to straighten your teeth, re-align your bite, and improve any issues around biting or chewing. 

At Vogue Dental Studios on the Gold Coast, our expert team of dentists can fit you with a customised set of braces to correct teeth misalignments and transform your smile. We offer a wide range of options to help with misaligned teeth - get in touch with our friendly team today to better understand your options for dental braces on the Gold Coast.

The Teeth Straightening Process with Braces

Dental braces work by straightening teeth and re-aligning the bite over time, as the treatment works to shift your teeth into place. Braces are placed on your teeth to provide directive pressure on your teeth, until they have moved into the correct position. Gone are the days where braces are uncomfortable and painful for the entirety of the process - our dental braces and treatments are designed to work relatively quickly, effectively, and with minimal discomfort. 

Here is what you can expect throughout the process of getting braces at our Gold Coast clinic:

  • Initial Examination: We will conduct an initial assessment of your teeth and overall oral health to determine if any issues need to be addressed before braces can be put on. 

  • Installation of Braces: Once we have the exact measurements for aligning your teeth, our dentists will professionally fit your braces and adjust them to your mouth. 

  • Follow-up Appointments: You will need to return to our Gold Coast clinic for subsequent appointments for regular adjustments and progress checks throughout your treatment. 

  • Expert Dental Advice: Our dentists will ensure the steady progress of your braces and provide guidance for maintaining oral hygiene and care while wearing braces.

The team of dentists at Vogue Dental Studios are committed to helping each of our Gold Coast clients achieve their dream smile. If you’re not sure if braces are right for you, during our initial chat, we’ll walk you through your options to determine the best course of action that suits your budget, lifestyle, and dental concerns. 

Do I Need Braces?

Not everyone is born with a perfect set of teeth. Accidents like falls, improper oral hygiene, or genetic misalignment can also contribute to needing braces. If you’re not sure if braces are the right dental treatment for you, then we strongly recommend visiting a dentist so that they can take a proper assessment and walk you through your options. These are the most common indicators that you may benefit from braces:

  • Misalignment of the teeth or irregularities in teeth positioning, such as crooked or gapped teeth. 

  • Jaw-related issues that affect your ability to close your mouth or eat comfortably, including overbites, underbites, crossbites, or open bites.

  • Other dental health concerns that may require braces treatment to reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease. 

A consultation with our experts at Vogue Dental Studio will help determine if braces are the right solution for your dental needs. Book an appointment at our Gold Coast Clinic for a personalised assessment and guidance regarding braces or teeth straightening treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of braces typically ranges between $3,000 to $9,000, depending on the type of braces and the complexity of your case. The team at Vogue Dental Studios can provide a detailed breakdown of costs during your initial consultation with full transparency regarding the cost of your braces.

The number of follow-up appointments for braces adjustments will depend on your individual treatment plan. Typically, most follow-up appointments will be required every 4 to 8 weeks. Our team will provide you with a personalised schedule to ensure that your braces are adjusted effectively to achieve the desired alignment.

The process of installing braces and wearing them is generally painless, but you may experience some discomfort during the entire length of the treatment as your teeth adjust to the pressure. You may also feel some soreness or tenderness in your mouth, but this discomfort is usually mild and fades within a few days.

Braces treatment can be as short as 18 months for simple teeth realignments or as long as 3 years for more complex cases. Our expert dentists will be able to provide you with an estimated timeline for wearing braces during the initial consultation.

Yes, while wearing braces, it's advisable to avoid certain foods that can potentially damage the braces or cause discomfort. Foods to avoid typically include:

  • Sticky or chewy foods such as chewing gum, caramel, or gummy lollies

  • Hard foods like hard candies, nuts, or popcorn kernels

  • Crunchy foods such as raw carrots or apples