Paras smile reconstruction after domestic violence at Bring Back a Smile Foundation


Paras, a domestic violence survivor, endured broken teeth and brain damage after a brutal assault. She had concerns about tooth decay, an abscessed front tooth, and difficulty chewing, leaving her in constant pain and fearful of losing her smile entirely. Dr. Gina at Vogue Dental Studios addressed Paras' pain through restorative dentistry and transformed her smile with a combination of Picasso Porcelain Veneers and Crowns.

Paras' Story

Paras had been through more than most of us could imagine. As a survivor of domestic violence, she had endured unspeakable trauma, including a brutal assault that left her with broken teeth, brain damage, and an abscessed front tooth causing her significant pain. The damage wasn't just physical; it deeply affected her self-esteem and made everyday tasks like chewing food a painful challenge. The constant fear of losing her teeth entirely only added to her burden.

Despite the challenges she faced, Paras was determined to reclaim her smile and her confidence. Meeting with Paras at Vogue Dental Studios, Dr. Gina provided not only her skills and experience but warmth and understanding to make Paras feel safe.

Paras' Resolution

To restore Paras' smile and alleviate her pain, Dr. Gina began by addressing her general and restorative dentistry needs. This initial treatment plan tackled the tooth decay and the abscessed tooth, providing relief.

The next step involved a combination of Picasso Porcelain Veneers and Picasso Porcelain Crowns, which beautifully transformed Paras' smile. The results gave her the fuller, more aesthetically pleasing smile she'd longed for.