Shaan after smile makeover at Bring Back a Smile Foundation


Shaan's smile had been misaligned and sensitive since a car accident at the age of 16, which caused damaged enamel and pushed her teeth back, leading to fears of losing her front teeth. After root canal treatment, she underwent braces and tooth extraction, followed by Picasso Porcelain veneers, to create an even, beautiful smile that restored her confidence.

Shaan's Story

Shaan's smile had been a source of concern since she was 16. A car accident left her with severely damaged enamel and pushed her teeth back, creating a misaligned and uneven smile. The incident caused intense sensitivity, and she was rushed to Monash Hospital, where they glued a plate to hold her teeth in place. There was a real fear that she might lose her front teeth, but Shaan was determined to save them, undergoing root canal treatment to keep her smile intact.

Despite these efforts, Shaan's smile wasn't quite what she hoped for. The misalignment, colour discrepancies, and uneven gumline made her self-conscious about smiling in public. Even before the accident, she'd longed for a smile makeover, but now, more than ever, she was ready to take the next step. Shaan wanted to correct the misalignment, improve the aesthetics, and find a lasting solution to her sensitivity issues.

Shaan's Resolution

Vogue Dental Studios offered Shaan the comprehensive care she needed. The team recommended braces and tooth extraction to align her teeth properly before moving on to her veneers treatment. This two-step approach ensured that Shaan's smile makeover would be both beautiful and structurally sound.