Nathan after smile makeover at Bring Back a Smile Foundation


Nathan's smile and confidence were shattered after a head injury left him with missing teeth and a decline in dental health. After 12 years of seeking a solution, he found Dr. Betty at Vogue Dental Studios, who used Upper & Lower Picasso Porcelain Veneers to give him a complete smile.

Nathan's Concerns

  • Shape

  • Colour

  • Staining

  • Missing teeth

Nathan had always taken pride in his smile, but a few years ago, his life took a dramatic turn. He was involved in an incident that left him with a traumatic head injury, resulting in the loss of several teeth. Since that day, he noticed a decline in his dental health, facing issues with the shape, colour, and staining of his remaining teeth. The trauma was more than physical—it affected his confidence and his willingness to smile.

For nearly 12 years, Nathan searched for a permanent solution to restore his smile, enduring countless dental visits without finding the answer he was looking for. Despite the setbacks, he never gave up hope. What he really wanted was to regain his confidence and the freedom to smile without hesitation.

Nathan's Resolution

Dr. Betty carefully assessed Nathan's needs and devised a comprehensive plan to address his dental concerns. The solution involved a complete smile reconstruction using Upper & Lower Picasso Porcelain Veneers, which would not only fill the gaps left by his missing teeth but also address the shape, colour, and staining issues he had experienced for years.