Jen, a survivor of violence, found hope and a fresh start through the Bring Back a Smile Foundation program in 2020. Over 12 months of dedicated dental work, including pro bono assistance from Dr. Kumar alongside Dr. Dee, transformed Jen's smile, reflecting her inner beauty and resilience, lighting up our practice with every visit.


Jen came through the Bring Back a Smile Foundation program in 2020 after struggling through violence. With many ongoing difficulties and challenges, Jen wanted a fresh start. Jen had over 12 months of progressive dental work to achieve smile makeover treatment.

Jen was one of the most beautiful, kind and lovely people we have ever met, and we're so delighted to have her visit our practice. She lights up the practice with her new smile every time she walks through the door.

Supported by the program, we thank Dr. Kumar, who worked with Dr. Dee, for numerous hours of his time pro bono for Jen's Smile Makeover treatments.

Disclaimer: Jen covered part of the associated lab/material costs. Our Dentists donated their time and expertise.