Sarah after smile makeover at Bring Back a Smile Foundation


Our incredible patient Sarah* bravely shared her personal story of domestic violence, which resulted in missing teeth, dental pain, and sensitivity. Determined to leave her past behind, she came to us wanting to smile again and show her dad her new smile, achieved through a combination of treatments.

Sarah's Story

Sarah's story is one of courage and transformation. As a burns victim, she endured dental trauma and decay due to prolonged hospital stays, leaving her unable to care for her teeth properly. Her damaged smile was a constant reminder of her past trauma, affecting her self-esteem deeply. Sarah's teeth suffered from chips, missing teeth, sensitivity to hot and cold, and decay. The teeth she had repaired didn't look nice, further impacting her confidence. Looking in the mirror and seeing her old smile was a painful reminder of her past, and she longed for a fresh start.

Sarah's Resolution

Seeking to reclaim her smile, Sarah entrusted Dr. Dee with her dental makeover. Through the application of Picasso Porcelain Veneers, her smile has been beautifully restored.