Taylah after smile makeover at Bring Back a Smile Foundation


Taylah had always felt self-conscious about her small teeth, gummy smile, and a lingering baby tooth, which made her hesitant to smile openly. After her sister's successful treatment at Vogue Dental Studios, Taylah underwent a smile makeover with Dr. Betty, receiving Upper and Lower Picasso Porcelain Veneers, to completely transform her smile.

Taylah's Concerns

  • Shapes / small teeth

  • Insecure about baby tooth

  • Colour

  • Gummy smile

  • Gaps between teeth

Taylah had long felt insecure about her smile. Her small teeth, noticeable gaps, and gummy smile made her hesitant to show her teeth in photos. Adding to her worries, she still had a baby tooth that contributed to her feeling self-conscious about the shape and colour of her smile. When Taylah's sister completed her own successful smile journey at Vogue Dental Studios, she enthusiastically encouraged Taylah to visit the clinic and take a step toward her own transformation.

With her sister's recommendation and her own desire to feel more confident, Taylah decided to meet with Dr. Betty at Vogue Dental Studios. She was eager to find a solution that would not only address her insecurities but also bring a newfound sense of self-assurance.

Taylah's Resolution

Dr. Betty proposed a complete smile makeover treatment for Taylah, which included a series of Upper and Lower Picasso Porcelain Veneers. This treatment addressed her concerns about tooth shape, gaps, and her gummy smile, creating a beautifully balanced and bright smile.