Everyone deserves a confident smile.

Bring Back a Smile

Bring Back a Smile Foundation provides a support platform to help re-habilitate and reconstruct a lost smile.

Bring Back a Smile Foundation (BBASF) is a non-for-profit charitable organisation initiated by Dr. Deepan Duraisamy which provides a support platform to help re-habilitate and reconstruct a lost smile. This organisation assists those who cannot smile with confidence due to genetic-dental-disposition, facial and oral trauma including cancers and victims of domestic violence. BBASF focuses on patients who have a significant need for treatment, are suffering hardship and have genuine financial constraints.  The work done by Dr. Dee is pro bono. However, third-party laboratory costs may be passed on in some cases.

Bring Back A Smile Foundation recipient before and after new veneers after severe trauma from accident.


At the age of 15, Dean was involved in a jet skiing accident which resulted in severe trauma to his front teeth. Throughout the years, he worked hard to save as much as possible in order to restore his smile. This, however, was disrupted by his addiction and investment in his tattoos which put his teeth on hold. Eleven years later, at the age of 26, he decided it was time.

Dean's Concerns

  • Broken, chipped teeth

  • Small Teeth

  • Uneven smile

  • Colour

  • Spacing and gaps

Dr Dee placed 10 non-invasive (no teeth filing) Picasso Porcelain Veneers™️. On the lower arch, Dean received in-chair whitening in addition to a take-home whitening kit to maintain the colour. Old fillings were replaced with new ones and regular 6 monthly check up and cleans have been maintained.


Renee had an eating disorder which led to the deterioration of her teeth. Though the stomach acid had worn out her enamel, her teeth were otherwise healthy. Renee worked hard and was on the road to recovery, but the damage done to her smile was irreversible.

Renee's Concerns

  • Broken, chipped teeth

  • Weak enamel

  • Discolouration

  • Gummy smile

  • Erosion

A total of 10 non-invasive (no teeth filing) Picasso Porcelain Veneers™️ were placed by Dr Dee. In addition, Renee had in-chair whitening for her lower teeth as well as a a take-home whitening kit for maintenance.

Renee flew down from Queensland to complete her smile makeover after numerous conversations through video calls. She had all her records completed locally and sent to us so Dr Dee was able to extensively plan her case.

Our vision is to help everyone smile with confidence. To smile is an emotional and physical experience that we believe it should be a positive one, and this is achievable for all when both elements are met with attention and care.

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Unfortunately this generous work does not extend to patients wanting free dental and cosmetic treatment. This foundation is not able to cater for patients who are in want of free dental and cosmetic treatment. Each patient is assessed on a case by case nature – Bring Back A Smile has the right to refusal as not every case is suitable or remains within the capabilities of the foundation to assist.